Laps for Love

Laps for Love

Benefiting Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary
Saturday, August 24, 2019 | Starting at 8:30am
Stono Ferry Pool

Help Us Provide Much Needed Medical Care For Animals In Need


On Saturday, August 24, members of the Hallie Hill family will swim laps to raise money for surgeries and other medical expenses, giving the animals in their care a second chance at life.

The event will begin at 8:30am at the Stono Ferry pool and will featured light refreshments and music. The community is invited to come show their support on the sidelines as the swimmers swim laps on behalf of the 200+ animals at Hallie Hill.

Support by giving a set donation or pledge to donate a specific amount per lap swam!


Skip is being treated for heart worms. Treatment requires chest x-rays, urinalysis, blood work and a series of 3 very expensive injections. Before coming to Hallie Hill, Skip’s owners kept him tied outside and never gave him preventative. Help Skip fight heart worms by donating today!


Lucy is 13 years old, with lots of life ahead of her. She recently went through surgery to remove a large mass that was causing severe pain. This life changing surgery has provide much relief to this senior dog. Donate to Lucy to help cover the medical expenses of her surgery and to provide funds for future surgeries for the animals at Hallie Hill!


Isabella is a beautiful senior with lots of love to give. Isabella has a heart murmur and also requires occasional visits to the veterinary ophthalmologist to check her eyes. Donate to Isabella to help Hallie Hill cover the medical expenses required to keep her healthy!

Choose Your Way To Donate

Give a Set Donation, Support a Swimmer or Pledge a Donation per Lap

Set Donation

Give a set donation to the MAGIC Fund. The MAGIC (Medical And Geriatric Intensive Care) FUND is used to cover the many medical costs that arise at Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary.

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Support A Swimmer

Donate a set amount to support a specific swimmer. 

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Pledge Per Lap

Fill out the form below to pledge a donation per lap. Note: All fields are required unless otherwise stated.