Admission Information

Please read carefully before requesting admission. Thank you!

Because of our beautiful facility and the great care we give our animals, we often receive over a hundred requests for admission every month. Please understand that we are a sanctuary, not a regular shelter or rescue. We have many animals that are a little more challenging to place in homes because of age, health, or behavior. Many of our residents will live the remainder of their lives at Hallie Hill, therefore our turnover of animals is not as high as regular rescues.

The majority of the animals we’re able to accept are dogs and cats who are able to live in our high-energy environment with staff, visitors, volunteers, and other animals. In order to provide the highest possible quality of life for animals at the Sanctuary, we house most of our residents in groups to provide social interaction with plenty of room for exercise. For this reason, we are unable to accommodate most requests involving aggressive animals and those who are fearful of others of the same species. Aggressive animals, especially those who pose a risk to other animals, as well as cats who are fearful of other cats and dogs who are fearful of other dogs, need to be housed individually, and there is very limited individual housing at Hallie Hill.

Admission Process

Admission decisions are made based on our ability to provide appropriate housing and care for each animal’s individual needs. Although we hope to help each animal get adopted into a loving home, we do make a lifetime commitment to the animals who come here, and potential admissions are considered in view of space and resources.

If you would like an animal to be considered for admission into the sanctuary, please fill out the form below.

Please note: Because of limited staff resources, we are not able to personally respond to every individual request.

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